• consensate tank
  • consensate tank
  • consensate tank
  • consensate tank
    consensate tank
  • consensate tank

Condensate Tank


  • Design code: EN13445
  • Design temp. 200°C Design press. -1 / +6 bar
  • Fluid: water/steam group 2

Keeping the Steam Industry supplied with a range of STEAM VESSELS is our pleasure. From Flash Vessels to STEAM ACCUMULATORS and STEAM SEPARATORS we have the Steam Vessel for you!

Offering Steam Separators of a bespoke vessel. Using Design codes ASME, EN 13445 we are able to Design and manufacture to meet your requirements. Steam Accumulators for when demand exceeds boiler supply at that moment – can be built to your specification up to 20 tonnes in weight. We can manufacture the vessel you need. Design Pressure To suit your steam supply system pressure Design Temperature 0 to 200 deg. C or as required Finish Inside: self colour. Outside: one coat metal primer Option of Legs or Brackets.

For more information on PRESSURE VESSELS , AIR RECIVERS and our full product range, click here. www.fbtanks.it To request a quotation, please don’t hesitate to call or email.


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19Set 2015

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05Nov 2015

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27Gen 2016

In tutte le fasi della produzione il processo di saldatura viene attentamente controllato a garanzia della qualità totale Welding processa in all phases of production, carefully controlled to ensure the quality

01Feb 2016

Abbiamo appena realizzato filtri a sabbia per la depurazione acque di processo industriale in collaborazione con DVSrl Just realized sand filters for water depuration of industrial process in collaboration with DVSrl