About Us



Fb Tanks srl is located in Pordenone, in the North East of Italy, strategically positioned close to the Adriatic Sea Coast and the borders with Northern Europe. FB Tanks has merged with
Bomben Ferruccio srl, thus acquiring its 70 years experience and tradition in steel manufacturing. Fb Tanks offers its clients extremely skilled technicians, flexibility, a contemporary structure, and one to one approach in the sales dept.

Its products include:
• Tanks for industrial processes; Pipes (thickness: 35mm maximum);
• Heat exchanger;
• Carpentry and cyclones.
Welding processes and welders are trained and qualified according to European regulations:
• UNI EN ISO • UNI EN 287-1 • UNI EN 1418 • ASME IX.
Quality system is in compliance with UNI EN ISO 3834-2.