We try to achieve our purpose everyday by helping industries to find an innovative solution that best fits with their needs.

our productions

Innovative solutions and our know-how are at the customer's disposal to develop a design that aims to optimize the product to obtain the best technical and economical results.
Our engineering develops the projects and adapts them to the in force regulations on an international scale.
A common philosophy of approach toward work and new challenges, valuing our Italian roots and traditions.

Our workshop covers an area of about 4.000 meter squares covered with a double division: one dedicated to carbon steel and one to stainless steel in order to avoid material contamination. Furthermore, we test 100% all the tanks we produce with several controlled trials, providing the best quality ever!

ADR Tanks

FB TANKS counts among its products even tanks for the transport of chemicals, manufactured according to customer requirements and in compliance with international regulations on transport safety
(ADR). The tanks are available in carbon or stainless steel. The tanks can collect different hazardous materials, belonging to following ADR-Classes:

Class 3: inflammable liquids;
Class 4.1 : inflammable solids;
Class 5.1 : comburent materials;
Class 6.1 : poisonous materials;
Class 6.2 : biohazard materials;
Class 8 : corrosive materials;
Class 9 : other dangerous materials.