FB TANKS S.rl.l. builds stainless steel tanks which are suitable for liquid storage. Tanks are available with support extension and with skirts or on its own support structure. Maximum capability possible in a monolithic version is 4500 L.18.000.
Atmospheric tanks are built entirely with stainless austenitic and ferrite steel or could be custom built on a client surface, both in vertical and horizontal version, with rounded bottom, or on a full
base, with flanged and threaded joints. These are equipped with manhole for human or robotic inspection.
Furthermore, tanks could be equipped with superficial treatments of pickling, passivation, glass peening, glazing, polishing etc. The attention to the manufacturing surface welding and finishing
allows FB TANKS to deliver high quality tanks. FB TANKS studies and carries out personalized solutions based on the customer’s needs, optimizing the positioning and laying of the tanks in