Heat Exchangers


FB TANKS S.r.l. designs and builds heat exchangers according to principal codes and international standards (ASME, TEMA, VSR, EN 13445) and they are marked by EC mark in compliance
with DIR. 97/23/EC (PED).
• Heat exchangers with non-extractable shell and tube with high thermic effi ciency used for heating / cooling water, oil, low pressure vapor, process fl uids (petrochemical, pharmaceutical
and textile industry);
• Heat exchangers with extractable shell and tube with a fl oating plate that compensates the piping dilatation in respect to the external cover. The extractability of the shell allows an easy
cleaning on the external cover side;
• Shell and U-tube heat exchangers with removable parts. This particular kind of construction allows free tube expansion in respect with the cover and it makes heat exchangers particularly
suitable for different purposes including high temperature differences between the two fl uids, processes with diathermic oil, vapor, condensation, compressed gas.