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Questa sezione riporta le ultime notizie relative al nostro settore, con argomenti legati alla nostra realtà, sia interna che esterna. Le novità del settore aiutano i nostri clienti ad essere sempre aggiornati su ciò che accade in questo settore.

FB TANKS embraces the "green" cause by producing hot water storage tanks!


We've recently built n.8 vertical atmospheric tanks on behalf of our Milanese Partner
with a capacity of 17 m3. each made of painted carbon steel containing hot water for
a heating system recently installed in one of the largest schools in Cinisello Balsamo!

A structure that welcomes around 5,000 students daily and has a surface area of ​​over 90,000 m2.

This is an important renovation project aimed at saving energy and
of environmental protection, which will allow us to save over 360 tons of oil and more
you save more than 1,000 tons of CO2 every year and obviously 30% of energy!

The strategic decision of the Metropolitan City of Milan was to progressively move away from natural gas and fossil fuels, which are of primary importance in this delicate historical period.
They want to focus more on renewable energy by using natural resources efficiently.
And biomass, created from the products of the earth, is therefore a renewable resource. Carbon dioxide released into the air during combustion in a biomass power plant does not increase natural greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore a great solution to the problem of global warming!
The structure was financed and built in collaboration with the Metropolitan City of Milan
and with Carbotermo S.p.a., and is the first in Milan and one of the very few in Italy.

We are really proud to have worked together with Carbotermo S.p.a. for achieving this
important energy requalification intervention of Italian origin!